Smoke Jaguar The Old Toll


Nyali 1
Remastered second edition CDr limited to 50 copies. 
First edition CDr limited to 27 copies. (Sold Out)

The debut release from Smoke Jaguar, featuring Stuart Crutchfield on guitar and drums, and Kevin McCarvel on guitar and bass. 'The Old Toll' features five tracks of primitive rock guts and dense feedback attack, with the occasional burst of caveman drums punctuating the whole mess, like Amon Duul meets a stack of smashed amps, the whole mess bristling with the kind of static and fuzz that could fray synapses for a living. The final track, 'Ontological Stalemate' is the real killer, sounding like a Dead C cover gone out way out into the tall weeds, complete with repeat-drum-riff oblivion, and some wild guitar moves from McCarvel. 

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