Pumice Worldwide Gullet


Nyali 5
CDr limited to 107 copies.

Consisting of re-worked older material from the Quo and Pebbles albums, along with covers and live tape-scuzz jams all done for various radio sessions, Worldwide Gullet is just that: worldwide jams and perfect songs straight from the oesophagus of NZ’s Stefan Neville. The range of material on this record is just staggering, from barely audible under a ton of no-fi scuzz, to fantastically affecting and perfectly realised songs, which disappear once again when the audible click of the fuzz pedal kicks in, and the one-man-Dead-C rocking blasts through yr skull. Includes unreleased covers and “traditional extended live Pumice variations for endless cassette and intercom”, all worked into a record with the kind of supreme loner-feel that has to have been beamed directly from Neville’s basement/brain, to your own brain/basement.

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