New vinyl releases from Eye and The Flexibles.

Nyali Recordings are excited to announce the first vinyl releases on the label.

Eye - Winterwork (Nyali 9 - LP)

Eye are a free-rock trio with roots that run deep into the New Zealand underground. Their collective CV includes The Pin Group, Scorched Earth Policy, Victor Dimisich Band, The Terminals, Flies Inside The Sun, Dadamah, Sandoz Lab Technicians,  and Sleep to name a few. The Winterwork LP successfully captures an incredible group that has been operating for over 10 years, with five tracks that showcase their blend of ferocious drum pounding free rock and swelling guitars that brood blissfully. Winterwork cements their position as one of the key experimental rock groups operating in New Zealand and beyond, and is destined to be a future NZ classic.  140 gram vinyl limited to 250 copies with liner notes by Bruce Russell (The Dead C). 


The Flexibles - Cities of the Narrow Universe (Nyali 10 - 7")

Cities of the Narrow Universe is the debut release for a Glasgow based band that features Andrew Paine, Richard Youngs, and Sorley Youngs. The Flexibles are a power trio like no other that trade guitars, bass, percussion and vocals to create a dense blend of grubby riffs, sparse electronics, out-of-step beats and soaring / disturbing vocal interplay. That Sorley was only 6 years old at the time of recording is mind boggling. Stunningly singular set of songs that will leave you joyfully dumbfounded and desiring more. Limited to 250 copies. 

Both releases will be available on the site from next week.