Jailbreak Colour Them Gone


Nyali 7
CDr limited to 297 Copies.


Brand new set of form-destroying, universe-blasting free music from the Jailbreak duo of Heather Leigh on pedal steel slash and vocals, and Chris Corsano on all the fucking drums in the world, released to coincide with their Oct 2010 UK tour. Colour Them Gone sees the duo birthing even more totally raw moves, mapping out huge swathes of thinking terrain before any of the rest of us couldda thunk it, with Corsano thundering out a new interstellar space behind Heather Leigh's raging guitar lines, which move from diamond sharp blues one second to total walls of fuzz the next. Heather Leigh's vocals are particularly outstanding, sounding as devastating as Jandek or Patty Waters, when the whole holy tumult drops out, before the pair lock together and smash the whole thing home again and again. Total horse-killing, blasted-scorch-aktion.

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