Nyali 9 
LP limited to 250 copies. 

  1. Plateau
  2. Electrical Storm
  3. Ghost Ship
  4. Coelacanth
  5. Birds End

140 gram vinyl with liner notes by Bruce Russell (The Dead C)

we haven't been in need of more storms than usual this season, but eye's 'winterwork' lp has proved the perfect accompaniment to the gales and the cracking of cheeks: the sonic equivalent of a ship in heavy seas, the captain has told the crew they're gonna go down in this maelstrom, and they're gonna go down swinging.

new zealanders nathan thompson, peter porteous and peter stapleton have crewed some major vessels, and this record shows them heaving and hauling for better weather still, with drums battering, rising up and rising down in a glorious swell of noise which moves from dense and claustrophobic to blissed and becalmed.

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